June 16, 2016

Contact: Katie VanMeter
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Cal Poly Graphic Communication Students Honored for Book Designs

SAN LUIS OBISPO — Four Cal Poly graphic communication students took home top awards for their book design work from the Publishing Professionals Network (PPN) on May 20.

Olivia Goree, Alexa Wong, Janine Sato and David Jang were recognized for excellence in the design and production of books and book jackets. Goree, Wong and Sato received a Judges’ Choice Certificate, while Jang earned a $1,000 scholarship for his work.

The students created their book designs during winter quarter as part of the graphic communication course Book Design Technology. In the class, students first learned traditional and modern methods of book design, becoming proficient in the different stages of design. Students completed each stage of their book’s production, including developing pagination plans, sewing finished pages into book “blocks,” and creating the covers.

“When finished, the books are beautiful and practical,” said graphic communication Professor Brian Lawler. “They represent the best techniques of the trade, combined with modern technologies for excellent typography and printing.”

Judges assessed the students’ creativity in terms of concept for the book, design objectives, interior features and presentation. In addition to the book designs, students were also required to submit a comprehensive document detailing their process and providing justification for their creative choices and final product.

The PPN, a nonprofit organization founded in San Francisco in 1969, offers the competition each year to students in the 13 Western states. PPN promotes excellence in book publishing throughout the West.

— Publishing Professionals Network: www.pubpronetwork.org/scholarship-program/
— Cal Poly Graphic Communication Department: www.grc.calpoly.edu
— Cal Poly College of Liberal Arts: www.cla.calpoly.edu

About the Cal Poly Graphic Communication Department
The Graphic Communication Department at Cal Poly is one of the best-known and largest programs of its kind in the West. The department is home to more than 33,000 square feet of laboratories filled with cutting-edge equipment donated in large part through industry partnerships. The department serves approximately 300 undergraduate students pursuing a degree in graphic communication with emphases in four focus areas and a new Master of Science degree program in printed electronics and functional imaging.

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