Opening Remarks from Cal Poly President Jeffrey D. Armstrong

Jeffrey D. Armstrong spoke to students, faculty, staff and local media on campus Tuesday during his first official day as Cal Poly’s new president. Here are some excerpts from his remarks:

photo of armstrong with storelli and studentsOn student success:
“My guiding principle in all matters will be one simple question: ‘Will this help students succeed?’ Cal Poly has a reputation in higher education circles for its focus on students’ success. It’s a well-deserved reputation. "

On Learn by Doing:
"Learn by doing will remain the cornerstone of our educational approach. I am committed not only to preserving learn by doing but also to enriching it and ensuring that it remains relevant to the challenges of the 21st century.”

photo of armstrongOn the state budget
"Learn by doing is expensive, and we face yet another round of substantial cuts in state funding. Those cuts will make our jobs much harder – but not impossible. I am optimistic that we can and will make a compelling case to our alumni and industry partners to step up their investment in Cal Poly.”

On the quality of Cal Poly’s graduates:
“In today’s work, college graduates must be able to work creatively and think critically across multiple disciplines. Cal Poly’s graduates can – and do. Employers love our graduates, because they have two hands on the problem and two feet on the ground. They’re ready to contribute on Day One.”

On the value of a Cal Poly degree:
"Our faculty and staff are truly committed to helping students succeed. They teach our students how to learn – and also how to do. As a result, our students succeed in many impressive ways. They graduate at the highest rates in the CSU system. They earn at the top tier. And they become leaders in their professions and in their communities."

photo of armstrong, fernflores, koobOn the support of Cal Poly’s alumni:
“We know – not just anecdotally but from nationwide research – that Cal Poly alumni are exceptionally loyal. They cherish their learn-by-doing experiences, and they’ve made it clear to us that they are eager to help with their time, their talent and their resources.”

On his approach to leadership:
“Only by working together - communicating openly, constructively and candidly - and taking into account what students need to succeed will we move the university forward. On this campus, famous for doing, I know that working together we will do even better in the years to come.”